Through technology and nature, I generate new worlds in image and sound. Varying from desolate landscapes to vast auditory worlds, I explore tensions between the digital and the physical, between nature and technology, structure and chaos, desolation and humanity, and perception and incomprehension. I aim to uncover what lies beyond the reach of our general perception and invite you to gaze through these windows into unexplored worlds and review your relations with your surroundings, by extracting and unveiling hidden aspects of our environment.

Together with artist Pauline Mikó, we form the performative experimental plant-based electronic music duo opya, where cables collide with roots and stems. Under alias Tassal I produce ambient electronic music with a primary focus on sound design, texture, grit and purity.

My works have most notably been shown at Design Museum Gent, KIOSK Gent and Ars Electronica 2020. In 2020, I graduated from the European Postgraduate in Art in Sound at KASK in Ghent.

2022 This Art Fair | Amsterdam (Netherlands)
Landscape, ever-changing, Lands Beyond, Frequency Shifts, Noise

2022   Design Fest Gent | Design Museum | Ghent (Belgium)
Frequency Shifts

2021   Encounters in Resonance | Kiosk | Ghent (Belgium)
მთის ხმა (the sound of the mountain), Urban Oscillations

2020   Ars Electronica | Kepler’s Garden | Linz (Austria)
Hryggir, The Future is Numb

2019   That’s Something | La Galerie Commune | Tourcoing (France)

2023   SÍM Residency | Reykjavík (Iceland)

2021   AqTushetii | Tusheti (Georgia)

notable mentions
2023   Guest lecture R  m for Sooound | Willem de Kooning Academie | Rotterdam (Netherlands)

2020   European Postgraduate in Art in Sound | KASK School of Art | Ghent (Belgium)

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