In 2017, Björn and I climbed the final peak of our five day trek through Landmannalaugar in Iceland. After reaching said peak, Björn told me to lay down and grab the grass. He told me to close my eyes and feel the earth's rotation. And I did, I felt the earth rotating, whilst holding on to the mountain's grassy coat tightly. I felt like a speck of dust in the grand scheme of things. It was at the highest point, where I finally felt grounded.

de/re[constructed] is a series of works based on a collection of photos taken of the Icelandic landscape using a disposable camera in the summer of 2017. The images are deconstructed, to then be redrawn, randomized, sorted, and restructured to form new realities through both image and sound. This process resulted in three works. Landscape, ever-changing, an audiovisual installation comprised of two deconstructed televisions, reshaping landscape perpetually, Reconstructed, a series of six landscapes derived from the same process, and Hryggir, an audio installation accompanied by fourteen drawings.

Landscape, ever-changing

Icelandic landscape in perpetual motion, being taken apart and reconstructed algorithmically, forming new horizons in the process. Displayed on two deconstructed televisions.

Software written by Dirk de Bruin.


A series of prints based on different iterations of Landscape, ever-changing.


An early outcome of an ongoing research into the audification of mountain ranges. Drawings of fourteen mountain ranges are converted to soundwaves. The waveforms are then conjoined to form a new auditory landscape. Further granular processing places slithers of the mountains back into the compositions, generating peaks in the landscape.